Designer babies, no more a future , but a NOW Possibility as technology advances



متی suffered from a genetic form of dystonia, a condition wherein the muscles starts to contract uncontrollably. Though a mild version of dystonia that was treated with a few injections of botox, Matthew was worried about the disease being transmitted to his next generation. This apparent fear compelled him to carry out research and look for options to prevent or cut down the chances of hereditary transference.

And, as good luck would have it, Matthew learnt about a newly-found technique called pre-implantation genetic testing. With the help of this technique, Matthew and his wife Olivia could pick the embryos that had not been inherited the dystonia mutation. This technique would ensure that the kid Matthew and Olivia raise does not suffer from the fatal disease or its painful implications.

Now, more and more people like Matthew and Olivia are opting this assistive reproduction technique to assure a positive and healthy future for their newborns.

Having said that, apart from exorbitant costs, reproductive technology is associated with stigma and is not widely accepted, especially among racial, religious, and ethnic groups. But, with proper awareness and education, such impediments can be taken care of.

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