World's Diabetes Day 2018: 3 Essential Points to focus this Year-Discover; Prevent & Manage



Every year 14th November is observed as the world's diabetes day. This significant day was first introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO); the aim is to increase awareness about the impact the disease, which if not managed can lead to debilitating consequences. The day also lays emphasis on the effect of دیابت on the family with an aim to encourage the role of the family in the care, prevention, management and education of the condition.

Focus points:

World's diabetes day focuses on three cardinal points, Discover, Prevent, Manage.

When these three points are taken care of, the severe consequences of diabetes can be abbreviated.

Discover diabetes:

Detecting diabetes at an early stage can prevent or delay the life-threatening implications of the disease to a substantial level. Hence, knowing the signs and symptoms of the disease is absolutely essential.

Some of the red flags are:

1. تکرر ادرار

2. Intense hunger

3. Unexplained Weight gain or weight loss

4. Disproportionate thirst

5. خستگی مزمن

6. کج خلقی

7. Blurry Vision

8. Healing of Cuts and bruises takes time

9. More skin and/or yeast infections

10. پوست خارش دار

11. Red or swollen gums, disease in gums

12. Sexual dysfunction among men

Prevent Diabetes:

While curing diabetes completely is not possible, preventing it is a possibility. By following a healthy lifestyle that involves eating a balanced diet and performing exercise, one can prolong the grievous symptoms to a great extent.

Include following superfoods in your diet to prevent diabetes.

1. چای سبز

2. Unsweetened yoghurt

3. پنیر روستایی

4. Nuts-almonds along with dried fruits

5. تخم مرغ

6. Fruits like berries, orange, kiwis

7. ماهی

8. سبزیجات

Manage diabetes:

For many, managing diabetes can be heavy on the pocket. It calls for daily treatment that involves costly insulin injections as well as regular monitoring. However, with family support and knowing self-management methods can reduce the impact of the disease.

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