An Inspiring Story of a Stroke Patient treated at Wockhardt Hospital



Patient: Mr Mohan Shamim

کشور: هند

Condition: Stoke (Speech Impairment & Loss of Muscle Control)

دکتر: دکتر شریش هشتاک

Mohan Shamim experienced a stroke in 2002, which affected him severely. He lost his ability to talk and developed a speech impairment.

At the time, Mr Mohan couldn’t even move his hands and legs. Then he got in touch with Dr Shirish Hastak, the جراحی مغز و اعصاب consultant at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, India.

The treatments were able to improve Mr Mohan’s quality of life, but his speech impairment couldn’t be treated. However, he still has a very optimistic view of life that has helped him recover faster. He doesn’t let his disability act as an excuse to stay depressed.

علاوه بر این، دکتر شریش هشتاک also talked about Synthetic Happiness, and how Mr Mohan has mastered the art of synthesizing it, which acts as his psychological immune system.

Neha Verma

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