Australian Patient Underwent Blepharoplasty at Artemis Hospital in Delhi



Patient: Mrs Robyn

Country: Perth, Australia

Treatment: Blepharoplasty

دکتر: دکتر ویپول ناندا │ Head of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Department

Mrs Robyn came to India from Perth, Australia to undergo an aesthetic procedure, that could potentially help her get rid of the loose wrinkly skin around her eyes. Over the years, she had become very conscious of how she looked because of the wrinkles near her eyes, that made her look very old.

She came to India and received consultation from Dr Vipul Nanda at بیمارستان آرتمیس ، گورگورام. After considering multiple procedures, doctors advised her to undergo Blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure performed for correcting deformities, disfigurations and defects of the eyelids or for modification of the eye region of the face.

The surgery was performed successfully, and Mrs Robyn was happy with the outcome. She was feeling as well as looking younger than before, and her insecurity was removed permanently.

Neha Verma

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