Baby Aarya Treated From Blue Baby Syndrome After Undergoing Three Cardiac Surgeries



Patient: Baby Aarya

کشور: هند

Condition: Single Ventricle Variant (Blue Baby Syndrome)

دکتر: دکتر سروش جوشي │ Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The problem of heart defect is quite common in young children but is often gets unnoticed by society because most children are unable to survive longer than 6 months if they do undergo a surgical procedure.

Aarya defect was detected in 8th month when she was still in her mother’s womb. Her parents didn’t waste any time to find the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India.

They decided to seek medical care from بیمارستان واکهارت در بمبئی, where they met دکتر سروش جوشي.

“Baby Aarya was born with a complex birth defect called Single Ventricle Variant a kind of blue baby syndrome. In this type of defect one-third of the heart is absent, there is only one chamber instead of two, two heart valves instead of four” said Dr Suresh Joshi.

“These types of defects can be corrected very safely if they are done on time. Baby Aarya stood all three operations successfully and is now leading a normal life” added Dr Joshi.

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