Birth Anterior Chest Wall Deformity of an Iraq Patient Treated Permanently in India



heaPatient: Abdullah Hasan Hammood

از عراق

دکتر: دکتر اواتار سینگ حمام

Condition: deformity of the anterior chest wall

Abdullah Hasan Hammood’s family consulted dozens of doctors in Iraq, Iran and India for finding a treatment for his anterior chest wall deformity but most doctors refused to operate him because of high-riskinvolved in the surgery.

Fortunately, his family contacted BLK فوق تخصص بیمارستان در دهلی نو and got in touch with Dr Avtar Singh Bath who was confident to treat Abdullah.

When the patient consulted us, we diagnosed that “he had a very severe deformity of the anterior chest wall, his breast bone was almost touching spine, and there was hardly from any space between sternum and spine. His heart was displaced towards the left side. Though the deformity was from childhood, it progressively increased, more so after puberty” said DR Singh Bath.

Dr Avtar also added that although the surgical treatment for this condition requires two procedures, we modified and performed in one, keeping in mind the patient can come from abroad, so, he doesn’t have to visit again.

Abdullah and his family are very satisfied with the procedure, and the patient is also recovering really quickly.

Neha Verma

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