Brain Aneurysm Patient Treated with Balloon & Stent-Assisted Coiling in India



Patient: Mrs Marie Julienne

Country: Mauritius

Condition: Brain Aneurysm

دکتر: دکتر ویپول گوپتا│ Director of Neuro-Interventional Surgery & Co-director Stroke Unit

بیمارستان: بیمارستان آرتمیس، دالی NCR

Mrs Marie Julienne is a Mauritius patient, who was diagnosed with two Aneurysm in her brain a couple months ago. After receiving treatment for a few weeks in Mauritius, she was recommended to come to India and receive medical attention from Dr Vipul Gupta.

So, she contacted Artemis Hospital and made an appointment with the doctor.

“The patient had Subarachnoid hemorrhage, it is the kind of hemorrhage in which the main blood vessels become swollen-up that we call an aneurysm, and they burst and cause bleeding in the brain. In this case, it is important to urgently close the swelling to prevent more bleeding in the brain. This patient had two aneurysms which made it more complicated. So, first, we treated one aneurysm with a method called balloon-assisted coiling. In the second aneurysm, the blood vessels were quite damaged, so we did a special procedure called stent-assisted coiling. By this procedure we were able to block both these leaking spots and the patient is doing well now,” said Dr Vipul Gupta about the complexity of the patient’s case.

Mrs Marie is recovering well and is all set to back to her home. She had a wonderful experience at the hospital and will recommend it to everyone.

Neha Verma

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