Congo’s Patient shares his story of Successful Liver Transplant in India



Patient: Roger

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa)

درمان: جراحی پیوند کبدی

دکتر: دکتر رامیدپ ری│ Joint Director- Liver Transplant & Senior Consultant- GI Surgery

When Roger came to India from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he was in a very critical condition. Doctors in Congo had told his family to lose all hope and his chances of survival are very low. He was suffering from end-stage liver disease, which was getting aggressive with every passing day.

However, Roger had faith in God and wanted to take another try at life. So, he explored treatment options abroad.

He came to India and chose Artemis Hospital in Gurugram for his treatment. His case was handled by Dr Ramdip Ray,the Joint Director of the liver transplant department and the senior consultant of GI Surgery.

Upon his arrival, his case was thoroughly diagnosed and he was tested to make sure that he is eligible for the transplant.

Recalling his condition at his arrival in India Roger said: “that time was very critical for my life”. He is recovering well after the liver transplant surgery and is feeling fine now.

He visited the hospital again a couple of months ago and had recovered completely, and surgery has also helped in improving his quality of life.

Neha Verma

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