EnkhsaikhanBatartsogt from Mongolia Successfully treated from Liver Cancer in India



Patient: MrEnkhsaikhanBatartsogt

کشور: مغولستان

وضعیت: سرطان کبد

دکتر: دکتر سنجی سینگ نگی

A 41-year-old patient named EnkhsaikhanBatartsogt from Mongolia was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in November 2017. At that time he was receiving treatment from a Cancer Hospital in Mongolia, whose doctors after analyzing his condition suggested him to get a liver transplant surgery.

However, the doctors at the hospital didn’t have the technology to perform it in Mongolia and recommended him to gain assistance from BLK فوق تخصص بیمارستان در دهلی نو.

MrEnkhsaikhanBatartsogt decided to come to the hospital, and the surgery was performed.

Within 14 days after the operation, the doctors declared him fit, as his liver had started functioning properly. MrEnkhsaikhanBatarsogt is thankful of the doctors and the staff at the hospital for saving him from cancer.

Neha Verma

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