Iraq Patient Lost 88Kg in 6 months after Bariatric Surgery in India



Patient: Mrs Raja Hamad

کشور: عراق

سن: 51 سال

Condition: Obesity

درمان: جراحی Bariatric

دکتر: دکتر HV Shivaram │ Senior Consultant of GI & Bariatric Surgery

Mrs Raja Hamad had a very bad hip fracture a couple years ago. Due to the injury, she was unable to walk. This caused her to become obese over time, deteriorating her condition further.

After consulting several healthcare providers in Iraq, she was recommended to come to India, at Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore.

“Mrs Raja, a 51-year-old lady came all the way from Iraq for her weight management. When she came we assessed her; she was 212 Kg with a body mass index of 90. A Lady who is super-super obese. She was airlifted from Iraq to Aster CMI Hospital, especially to manage her weight,” said Dr H V Shivaram.

“She was suffering from super-super obesity for the past ten years. Her weight became unmanageable. Our aim was to ensure that she goes home healthy and happy. She underwent a Bariatric Surgery, a gastric bypass very safely under the able guidance of all the specialist in our hospital” دکتر افزود:

“Immediately after the operation, she was able to get out of the bed, because her pain was managed very well, by our team. Now she is ready to back home with a happy and healthy body.”

Within six months, Mrs Raja’s weight went from 215 to 117 Kg.

Neha Verma

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