Medanta-The Medicity performs its First Knee Replacement Surgery with TiNi Implant



Name: Mrs Umar

کشور: هند

Treatment: Knee Replacement Surgery using Uncemented Titanium Nitrite (TiNi) Implant

Patient: Mrs Umar

دکتر: دکتر SKS Marya

بیمارستان: Medanta-The Medicity

Mrs Umar suffered from rheumatoid arthritis that caused acute joint pain in her knees for a couple past years. She had tried different rehabilitation therapies, but the results by them were often temporary.

So, she consulted دکتر SKS Marya, the head of Medanta Bone and Joint Institute, who recommended her to go for کل جراحی جایگزینی زانو. The patient was then questioned about if she suffered from BP or Diabetes or any other condition, which she didn’t. However, she had an unusual allergy from metals, which caused burns and rashes on her skin whenever she wore any metal طلا و جواهر.

This additional information, complicated the things, as most implants are made from metals which are used in Knee Replacement Surgery.

“The patient was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, however in her case, the unique thing was, she said she was allergic to metal substances. On our recommendation, she got her metal sensitivity test done, and it was confirmed that she was suffering from metal hypersensitivity reactions” said Dr SKS Marya.

Fortunately, after testing different implants, the doctors were able to find Titanium Nitrite TiNi which didn’t cause a reaction on her skin. These implants are placed inside the knees without the bone cement.

“We had to perform the surgery on her knee very cautiously, and it seated well” and “and as hoped there hasn’t been any allergies experienced by the patient”. Added Dr Marya.

This is the first Uncemented Titanium Nitrite (TiNi) Implant TKR Surgery was performed in India, making Medanta-The Medcity the pioneers of the technology in the Asian region.

Neha Verma

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