Mongolian General Successfully Treated from Liver Cancer in India



Patient: Chimed Yunden Dorjgotov

کشور: مغولستان

Condition: Hepatitis B (Liver Cancer)

دکتر: دکتر سنجی سینگ نگی

بیمارستان: BLK فوق تخصص بیمارستان دهلی

General Chimed Yunden Dorjgotov’s medical problems started with Hepatitis B, which got worse over time damaging his liver turning it into سرطان کبد.

He consultant several hospitals in Mongolia and also went to Japan to receive radiotherapy for this cancer treatment. However, the relief achieved by these therapies remained temporary.

He had also undergone TACE (Trans-Arterial Chemo-Embolization) wherein the blood vessel connected to the liver is blocked. “TACE is not a permanent or curative treatment, even after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, liver cancer invariably comes back. The only curative treatment for this form of cancer is surgery, usually in the form of a Liver Transplant. So, as expected every time the patient underwent TACE or radiotherapy his cancer used to come back” said Dr Sanjay Singh Negi, Mr Chimed’s surgeon.

Finally, getting “fed up with this. He approached us for liver transplantation. He recovered very quickly that we discharged him after 2 weeks.”

Neha Verma

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