Mongolian Patient Underwent High-Risk Liver Transplant Surgery in India



Patient: Mr Bold

سن: 49 سال

کشور: مغولستان

درمان: پیوند کبد

دکتر: دکتر Vivek Vij │ Director Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery

بیمارستان: بیمارستان فریث، نویدا

Mr Bold came for liver transplant surgery in India, with his children. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in a local Hospital in Mongolia, but the lack of treatment was deteriorating his condition. He had become very ill, he was vomiting and losing weight very quickly.

Mr Bold “came to us for the treatment of transplantation; he was suffering from Hepatitis C Virus. He was recommended Liver transplant treatment in Mongolia”, said Dr Vivek Vij, director of Liver Transplant Surgery at Fortis Hospital.

“He was very sick; his bilirubin was high, he had water in the tummy, he had infections in the past. So, these were the worries that if we do transplantation, there is a three to four per cent risk of his life” دکتر افزود:

The family decided to come to India, because of the advanced liver transplant technology and doctors available here. Mr Bold and his children are very happy with Fortis Hospital and doctors that were able to save their father.

Mr Bold’s 28 old year daughter donated him her liver. “Surgery took about 14 hours to complete, and it was an uneventful surgery. During the procedure, he didn’t get more than two blood transfusions, which is a wonderful piece of surgery,” the patient felt great and was able to walk within one day after the surgery, said Dr Vivek Vij.

Neha Verma

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