Mr David from Tanzania talks briefly about his Mother’s Brain Tumor Surgery in India



Patient: Eshi David Urassa

کشور: تانزانیا

بیماری: تومور مغزی

دکتر: دکتر آنیل کومار کانزال

Mr David, Mrs Eshi David Urassa’s Son, talked briefly about her brain tumor surgery in India and how they got here. His mother kept on complaining about severe headaches for a couple of months, which led their family to take things more seriously. So, they took her to different hospitals in Tanzania, where most doctors weren’t able to give a definite diagnosis, some claimed the headache might be causing because of high sugar or blood pressure. So, they also got a little relieved.

However, her headache continued to get worse during this time, which finally made them consider finding the cause of the problem.

So, the family started searching for the best hospitals in the India. Mr David could recall that during this time his mother’s condition has gotten so bad that she wasn’t speaking at all.

Fortunately, they stumbled on to BLK فوق تخصص بیمارستان در دهلی نو, India on the internet. Upon coming to India, Mrs Eshi David was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

دکتر آنیل کومار کانزال, who is the Director and HOD of Neuro Spine & Neuro Surgery Department at the hospital was given her case. Dr Anil suggested the patient get a brain tumor surgery. Within 4 days after the operation his mother showed evident signs of recovery, she was responding to her surrounding and also looking better.

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