Patient: Davis Bagenda

کشور: تانزانیا

Condition: Rectum Carcinoma

دکتر: دکتر Sapna Nangia│ انکولوژیست رادیویی

بیمارستان: بیمارستان اداپراستا آپولو

Davis Bagenda received a combination of chemotherapy and image-guided radiation therapy in India for a few weeks after undergoing a surgical procedure that allowed him to fight the cancer cells.

“Mr Davis presented with bleeding per rectum, he was passing blood in the stools in Tanzania,” said Dr Sapna Nangia regarding the patient’s condition. She also added that on receiving further investigation and undergoing a biopsy in Tanzania it was confirmed that he had adenocarcinoma.

He came to India for his treatment because Hospitals at Tanzania didn’t have the technology to treat cancer. His doctors suggested him to come to India to receive the right treatment.

“Since we were dealing with carcinoma rectum, the lower part of the body, it was crucial for us to plan a treatment which would give Mr Davis the best possibility of preserving the natural root of the rectum” added Dr Nangia.

After further investigation, it was decided that Mr Davis will be given شیمی درمانی and radiotherapy for 8 to 12 weeks after which surgery was scheduled and performed.

Mr Davis is currently recovering from cancer and looks forward to returning to his country.

Neha Verma

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