Tajikistan Patient, Bebus Ali was able to walk again after Spinal Decompression Surgery in India



Patient Name – Bebus Ali

Patient’s Country – Tajikistan

Condition – Spinal Tumor

Doctor Name – دکتر PK Sachdeva

Treatment – Spinal Decompression Surgery

Bebus Ali, a Tajikistan patient suffering from ستون فقرات tumour came to India, in hopes of receiving treatment that can help him walk again. Mr Ali and his family had explored all the options in their own country to find a suitable cure for his treatment, but nothing seemed to help.

So, his family decided to find a cure in a different country. They got in touch with Venkateshwar بیمارستان via their online website. When Bebus Ali’s arrived in India, he was completed bedridden.

Ali’s case was handled by دکتر PK Sachdeva, who is the head and Director of Department of Neurosurgery at Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka in New Delhi.

He was diagnosed at the hospital for his case of ستون فقرات tumour, and an MRI test was performed which showed that تومور was putting pressure on the spinal cord. This explained why Ali was having trouble walking.

Dr P K Sachdeva recommended the patient to undergo a spinal decompression procedure. The very next day after the MRI, the surgery was performed, and the patient was able to move his legs within a few hours after the procedure.

Within two days after the spinal decompression, Bebus Ali was able to walk and perform all the daily tasks.

After the treatment, the patient was put on پرتو درمانی, for the removal of the spinal tumour, which continued for a couple of weeks. The patient is pleased with his treatment and the facilities offered to him and his family by the hospital throughout his treatment.

Neha Verma

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