India is Growing as "Assistive Reproduction Destination" by Leaps and Bounds



India has crossed many European countries when it comes to assistive reproduction technologies. According to Telangana State Secretary of Indian Fertility Society, Dr Roya Rozati, not only the quality, but the cost of the treatment in India is within one's reach.

While talking to Media following a panel discussion organized by the Indian fertility Society in Begumpet, Dr Roya mentioned about the most recent advanced technologies and techniques such as cryopreservation that has allowed to preserve women's fertility to a substantial extent. With the help of this technology, even the women who fail to conceive owing to سرطان or early menopause can now give birth to a new life.

During the panel discussion, fertility super-specialists along with embryologists from various institutions talked highly of freezing ovarian tissues as the best way to preserve a woman's fertility. The procedure called as فریزر involves freezing of eggs in a controlled environment without allowing the formation of ice crystals following the extraction. Finally, the frozen eggs are employed for inserting sperms with the help of popular methods like IVF. With this technique, a woman can prolong her pregnancy.

Cryopreservation helps in preserving fertility, increasing the chances of pregnancy that has diminished due to age or career choice.

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