Afghanistan Patient Underwent Successful Brain Tumor Surgery in India



Patient: MrHedayatulla Jalili

کشور: افغانستان

سن: 57 سال

درمان: جراحی تومور مغزی

دکتر: دکتر ویاس گپتا │ Director of Orthopedics & Head of Hand & Shoulder Surgery Department

بیمارستان: بیمارستان Manipal، Dwarka

MrHedayatulla Jalili, a 57-year-old patient from Afghanistan came to India after failing to find appropriate medical facilities in his country.

The patient was accompanied to India with his son and received treatment from Manipal Hospital, Dwarka.

MrHedayatulla Jalili was diagnosed with a brain tumour and also suffered from joint problems. He was unable to walk or perform daily chores because of his condition, that caused other health issues as well.

MrHedayatulla Jalili case was handled by دکتر ویاس گپتا who performed his surgery, which went successfully. The patient and his son, are very happy and satisfied with the treatment facilities delivered to them. He is completely independent now and can walk and eat on his own without any help after the surgery.

Neha Verma

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