Iraq Patient Undergoes Successful Heart Transplant Surgery in India

iraq-بیمار-تحت عمل-موفقیت-پیوند قلب-عمل جراحی-در هند


Patient: Mr Hani Jawad

از عراق

Disease: Heart Problem

دکتر: دکتر آجی کی

Mr Hani Jawad received medical attention from several doctors back in Iraq but wasn’t able to get relief from the treatment delivered by them. After a while, these doctors started giving up.

So Hani Jawad decided to come to India. And then he met a translator in India, who didn’t let language become a barrier in his treatment. Based on his research before coming to India, Hani had decided to receive medical treatment in Chennai, and doctors there recommended him to get a heart transplant which made him a little skeptic.

So, he came to New Delhi and went to BLK فوق تخصص بیمارستان دهلی جایی که او ملاقات کرد دکتر آجی کی, the chairman & HOD of CTVS Department at the hospital. Impressed by the credentials of the doctor, he became confident about him performing his surgery.

Within a week after the surgery, he was feeling better and was ready to go back home. Mr Hani Jawad is thankful of the doctor and very impressed with the care delivered to him during his stay at the hospital.

Neha Verma

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