Successful Brain Tumour Surgery of Ms Nawal Yousif in India



Patient: Ms Nawal Yousif Elbashir Babiker

Condition: Brain Tumour (Severe Headaches & Vision Problem)

بیمارستان: بیمارستان Venkateshwar، Dwarka

Ms Nawal Yousif Elbashir Babiker suffered from severe headaches which بود caused because of a tumour in her head. At times, the headache would get so aggressive that she wanted to rip her hair apart. Over time her visual abilities also started getting affected because of the position of the tumour in her head. Her medical condition had started affecting her personal and professional life. She was getting irritated by the smallest things, as her constant headache was making her more cranky every day. At times she would sit alone and cry because of the pain. Upon receiving medical consultation in Sudan, she was recommended to go to India, and receive treatment from Venkateshwar Hospital in New Delhi, Dwarka.

She was accompanied to India, with her brother Mr Mohammad who stood strong with her sister throughout the treatment. Her case was managed by Dr Pushpender Kumar Sachdeva, who is the Director and Head of مغز و اعصاب اداره بیمارستان

Dr Pushpender recommended the patient to get the tumour removed via a surgical procedure, which was performed and now Ms Nawal is experiencing significant relief.

Ms Nawal’s vision has also become clear, and now she can go on with her without worrying about getting a headache.

Neha Verma

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